Wooden canopy:
A wooden canopy comes in many different sizes, shapes and designs. Popular are the options to place a canopy in your garden and above a patio. A canopy can be placed above the door of your garden, offering a dry and warm place right next to your house. Want to know what advantages this type of structure has to offer? Then quickly keep reading. At Lugarde you will always find the wooden structure that meets all your requirements.

Advantages of a wooden canopy
Ever thought about a gazebo in your garden? This wooden structure has many advantages. To begin with, you can easily escape from the sun. This is ideal during those hot summer days when you are looking for a cool place in the shade. And since a canopy is placed next to your house, you could even say you ‘increase’ the size of home.

Also a canopy offers the possibility to enjoy your garden for a longer period during colder periods. Beneath a canopy it is warmer and when the rain falls down you can still sit outside. You can even place a heather beneath the canopy, to make it an even more pleasant place to sit down and relax. For any home-owner that loves his or her garden, a wooden canopy is an essential structure in the backyard.

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